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About us


The KaGra Foundation was started in 2018 due to witnessing the needs of the poor and indigent in the society. The KaGra Foundation is committed to the needs of families by helping them to secure benefits through Medicare, Medicaid, and various feeding programs. The needs are great and resources are shrinking, however, the urgency to keep families equipped with the capacity to be self-sufficient is a constant reminder for this foundation to be proactive. The ultimate goal is to create independence for families so that they do not become dependent on a system that is already struggling with resources





The KaGra Foundation is well aware of the critical needs in Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominica Republic, Jamaica, The Virgin Islands and many other countries around the world including right here in the United States and more specifically South Florida. The Foundation’s intention is to solicit help from companies and individuals who are in a position and is willing to assist no matter how small.

The foundation is compiled of Board Members with backgrounds in Banking and Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Video, Medical, Licensed Councilors and the Food Industry to ensure that Audits on the Foundation meets both local and governmental standards.

As a non-profit organization there will be a need to replenish resources through; giving, solicitations for coaches to dedicate their time and personal resources to accommodate the needs of others and so The KaGra Foundation will accept monetary donations, articles of clothing, toys, over the counter medicine, medical equipment, and food (nonperishables).

The KaGra Foundation will continue to give hope, spread love, comfort the sick, provide medical supplies, provide clothing, assist in job placements, and cater to the immediate need of food for families.

Thank you in advance for considering The KaGra Foundation for your donations.


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