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Derry-Ann was born and raised in Long Grass, St. Catherine Jamaica. She has always been a very kind but reserve child. Derry-Ann never forgot the principles instilled in her by her mother and grandmother and so many others who had a hand in who she turned out to be.

Derry-Ann held the dream in her heart of helping the less fortunate and vulnerable around her. Over the years Derry-Ann had gained different skills that would prove to be valuable in helping her to do that. She worked in the nursing field for a while, thereafter going to work in social work for three years. Derry-Ann has also tutored and helped young children get on track and stay on track academically.

Derry-Ann’s dream is to show people through this foundation that 1 person can make a difference but together many can make an impact.


Derry-Ann is certain of this because Kameisha Grant who this foundation is named after (KaGra) was the one person that did that for her.

The KaGra Foundation Inc. is a place where everyone can be loved and feel loved. Lending a hand up instead of giving hand outs. Derry-Ann’s personal mission is to make sure that “passing on the love” is not just a catchy phrase but the actual reality of the foundation.


Derry-Ann Allen – Founder, President


Petula Clarke – Vice President

Jahvet Anderson– Secretary


Andrea Wong - Treasurer


Marlene Harvey – Dir. Medical Coordination 

Marlene Harvey was born in Kingston Jamaica on a moonlit night. Her goal in this lifetime is to help young people and older persons understand how valuable they are, which is evident in their physical and emotional well being.

Marlene strongly believes that education is the KEY to creating and changing minds. Educate the young people to care for their skin the biggest organ of the body, by keeping a hydrated use of sunscreen daily, develop good eating habits and to wear clothing that compliments the image you want to project.

From as early as the age of 4yrs old Marlene knew that her calling was to be of service to others. It started in Trench Town (yes she’s a proud Trench Town girl) when she made her first dressing for her dad and he planted the seed of a nurse. Marlene has been caring and educating others since then.

For the past 12 years, Marlene has dedicated her practice to those people suffering from mental health issues. She loves this area because she believes that the mind is the most interesting and intriguing area of the human anatomy. Knowing what makes each of us think and handle challenges differently is amazing. Marlene finds great joy whenever she’s able to help someone facing emotional turmoil or stuck in limbo to navigate out, to something/place safe and to fulfill their destiny.

Marlene has a Bachelor of Science paired with being a nurse for more than 25 years of hands-on experience. She is a very good listener which is an added benefit as she is also a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

Marlene loves to look and feel beautiful and she believes everyone should strive to look and feel they’re most beautiful in whatever way that is translated to mean to that individual.

Most of Marlene’s childhood and young adult years were in spent in Canada. During her adolescent years, she would volunteer with the elderly by reading to them or playing cards or even feeding them if that was required.

From this vantage point, Marlene believes the future is very bright. She is very inspired to be apart of something bigger than herself and creating a legacy for future generations! Not just her children but ALL children coming after she’s no longer apart of this earthly plain.

Dillion Langdon – Dir. International Affairs


Dwayne Perrin – Dir of Public Relations 

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