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The Food Program/ Clean The Pantry

The food program is geared towards the collection of nonperishables foods that are distributed to individual families and/or organizations that cater to families that are living below the poverty level in our local communities. The food program is also for families overseas who isn’t able to afford the necessary food supplies for the members of their respective families.

Our foundation provides volunteers to go to each person who is willing to donate and help to clear out their pantries in an effort to make it as easy as possible for them to donate. In doing this we believe it will encourage more people to give because we understand that people have busy lives and may want to help and this service will assist in making it easier to do so.


Become A Volunteer


Clothing Program

The clothing program is the collection of items of clothing, shoes, and accessories. This program will help to provide the recipients with items of clothing that will help with having the required attire for job placement. We know the difficulties faced by these families in being able to purchase clothing for a specific purpose. We believe that this way the persons will be able to get back on their feet a lot faster.



Healthcare & Healthcare Education

Our board is consisting of healthcare professionals who have the knowledge and skills to head up this department and to coordinate efforts with other healthcare professionals and suppliers of healthcare items. It is our hope and goal to have OTC (over the counter) items, hygiene products, and other medical supplies available for these families and individuals who so desperately need it.

We also have missionaries that we work with who have requested our help for clinics and health centers that have little to no medical supplies for the patients. We would love to be able to help them access some of these items but know that, this like everything else is going to take a combined effort.

It is our goal to bring healthcare education to everyone and healthcare services to everyone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access it, especially the shut-ins as they are the ones who are the most neglected in our society.




Toy Program

The toy program is where we get to spread hope, joy, and love to some of the most vulnerable and impressionable members of our society. Working with these families we know that making sure that their kids have toys to play with isn’t on the top of the list with what little they have. When faced with a decision as a parent to provide food for the family or a toy for a child to play with the obvious choice would and should be what is necessary for survival.

The KaGra Foundation’s board has four members who at one point or another worked or is still working first hand with children 3-6yrs old on early childhood development. Therefore, we are well aware of the importance of a child’s problem solving, communication, fine and gross motor skills and also with their social and emotional development. We are delighted to be able to provide the tools necessary to facilitate this growth and fun-while-learning opportunities for as many children as is possible.

The toy program is a year-round project but becomes a lot more intense around Christmas time.



Coaching & Development For Job Placement

We at The KaGra Foundation strongly believe that it is better to equip people with the requisite skills necessary to be self-sufficient and independent. Rather than having those people constantly being given a “hand out” we much prefer to give them a “hand up”.

Here is a selection of a few of the key qualities that the foundation will be focusing on.

  • Leadership

  • Knowledge

  • Motivation

  • Consistency

  • Effective communication skills.

The goal of great coaching is to guide, inspire and empower an individual or team to achieve their full potential. Helping to provide the coaching and skills needed to acquire and keep a job will help us be able to reach farther and wider in the foundation’s effort to touch as many lives as possible.



Mentorship Program

The mentorship aspect of The KaGra Foundation is very important as mentoring is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for both mentees and mentors. Mentoring is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills mentees can learn from mentors, but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success. Quality mentoring greatly enhances mentees’ chances for success. The knowledge, advice, and resources a mentor shares depend on the format and goals of a specific mentoring relationship. The mentors from The KaGra Foundation will share with a mentee (or protégé) information about his or her own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling.

The mentors will work with the mentees to develop leadership skills, expand their knowledge and skills, gain valuable advice from a more experienced person, and build their professional networks. Mentoring is a powerful personal and career development tool that can enable the mentee to achieve or exceed their life’s goals and aspirations. It is the vision of this foundation to do just that for all who needs it.


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